Stable camera - Camera surveillance of stables and meadows with live image transmission to internet or mobile phone

Protect your horse!

With a camera installed in your stables you can view the box at any time, from any place, from the farm, from home, via internet or from your mobile phone. You see a current (up-to-the-minute!) picture and you will know immediately how your horse is faring!


Make your horse boarding stables more attractive:

  • promote the excellent state of your boxes and riding premises with the help of internet cameras.
  • provide your stable customers with the additional service of a stable-cam.
  • upgrade your homepage with the latest stable-cam pictures.

The stable-cam can also be used outdoors, on the riding grounds or meadows or in the paddock.


Safety and protection

  • whether you want to keep a watch on a pregnant mare with her foal or on a valuable breeding stallion, a stable-cam will provide you with the necessary security - in the stable and on the meadow.
  • protect your horses from thieves and from violence and harm.
  • a camera in the saddle room helps to detect thieves.

Advantages for clinics and stud farms

An animal’s owner can watch from home, work, on business trips or on vacation how their favourite is keeping. Especially if the clinic or stud farm is hundreds of miles away. Ideal for keeping a close eye on sick horses and foal births.





There is an essential difference between our stable-cams and conventional video surveillance: brilliant picture quality, video recording without complicated cassette change, easy operation and quick extension are just some of the advantages.

The trick of it is: the camera pictures can be viewed not only on site , they can also be transmitted to the internet, so that you can take a look at the box for example from a mobile phone while on the road. Or you can employ it to upgrade your homepage. By the way, you can also use this service if you run your own webcam.


The stable-cam concept includes the following components:

  • cameras and accessories, including configuration
  • network and computer technology, including configuration
  • putting the camera pictures onto your website, if desired
  • services: viewing of stable-cam pictures permitted only for authorized users, protected online access
  • highlight: picture retrieval via mobile phone

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